To be a world class and leading organization continuously providing high quality textile products.


To be a model diversified textile organization exceeding expectations of all stakeholders. We will achieve this by utilizing best blend of state-of-the-art technologies, excellent business processes, high performing people, and synergetic organizational culture.


Our success will not be a matter of chance but of commitment to the following enduring beliefs and values that are engrained in the way we think and take actions to pursue a climate of excellence:

Integrity & Ethics

Integrity, honesty and high ethical, legal & safe standards are corner stones of our business practices.


We pursue quality as a way of life. It is an attitude that affects everything we do for relentless pursuit of excellence. Our aim is:
To achieve and sustain good reputation in both domestic and international market by manufacturing quality yarn / fabric with organized training and implementation of quality system as per our valued customers needs to ensure the achievement of our aim.

Social Responsibility

We believe in respect for the community and preserving the environment for our future generations and keeping National interests paramount in all our action.

Learning & Innovations

We embrace lifelong learning and innovation as an essential catalyst for our future success. We believe in continuous improvement and to seize opportunities inherent in change to shape the future.

Team Work

We believe that competent and satisfied people are the company’s heart, muscle and soul. We savours flashes of genius in organization’s life by reinforcing attitude of teamwork and knowledge sharing based on mutual respect, trust and openness.
Empowerment We flourish under and ecosystem of shared understanding founded on the concept of empowerment, accountability and open communication in all directions.


To achieve the above objectives, the Company has made strategic plans to enhance and upgrade its installed capacity over the next 10 years to maintain and expand its market. Further plans are to excel in social responsibilities by implementing related projects and community developments.