We incorporated in Karachi Stock Exchange (G) Ltd Pakistan in 1989 with paid capital of US$1.37 Million. Export sales constitute more than US$ 34 Million and growing rapidly due to our consistent quality and trustworthy reputation in our selling circles.

Thanks to the outstanding performances of our employees & the bold decisions of the directors we have established ourselves as a influential business in the industry. 

Our business does not only operate in the textile industry but we have also engaged in the Trading of goods as well as Power Houses.

We believe To achieve & sustain good reputation in the national & International markets by manufacturing quality products.


To be a world class and leading organization continuously providing high quality textile products. To be a model diversified textile organization exceeding expectations of all stakeholders. We will achieve this by utilizing best blend of state-of-the-art technologies, excellent business processes, high performing Human Resource and synergistic organizational culture. Our Success will not be a matter of chance, but of commitment to the following enduring beliefs and value that are engrained in the way we think and take actions to pursue a climate of excellence.